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Lara Lane

Real Estate Polymath

Accounts and administration, sometimes called her Lars, our in office fitness and healthy eating coach.

Former Property Manager, now administration focused, Lara has been in the Real Estate industry for over a decade. We call her the Real Estate Polymath because her expertise spans across all areas of our business. Lara is a boomerang in our office, after many adventures including moving to the Northern Territory & travelling Europe, she has returned to pick up right where she left off and we are certainly better off with having her with us.

Chats with Lara

Hobbies: Gym, cooking & baking, creator of ‘Rolling Goodness’ protein balls
Food you can’t live without: Peanut butter & banana on toast.
Guilty pleasures: Trashy TV- including M.A.F.S & The Bach!
Strengths: Organised, friendly & super approachable


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