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Sharyn Chandler

When experience speaks volumes!

Team leader, delegator, the office Mum, Real Estate Guru, list maker, dachshund collector and also affectionately known as ‘Shazzie’.

Sharyn is an award winning agent because she is pragmatic, organised and is not scared of having the hard conversations. Sharyn is referred to as office Mum because she is the go to for offering her caring nature and advice. She is always available for her Clients and those around her & likes to break up the day with a quick singsong or video chat with her children.


Chats with Sharyn

Loves: Making lists…And sticking to them!

Dislikes: Really early mornings and laziness

Real Estate experience: 20 years… (Surely not!)

Where would we find you out of work? Hanging out somewhere with Glenn, our two kids and our sausage dogs… You can’t get better than that!


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