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Tamara Leask

Admin whizz with a ‘can-do’ approach

Known affectionately as ‘T’ to her work family.

Tamara has years of Real Estate knowledge and a can-do attitude! Kind, caring and effervescent, Tamara is a conscientious when it comes to her work, can somehow do 10 things at once and not seem to become flustered in any way. Her experience enables her to be able to jump in and help anyone within the Chandler & Co team, whether it be sales, rentals or accounts and this makes her a strong asset to both her colleagues and clients alike.

Born and raised in the Dandenong Ranges, Tamara came to Chandler & Co after realising she wanted to find a professional office close to home where she knew and enjoyed the area in which she worked. She has certainly found her place within the team and is highly regarded in her role for being reliable, efficient and an absolute winner!


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