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Tammie Fleming

Assistant Property Manager

It’s a good thing that Tammie is switched on, attentive and can handle 10 things at once because life in Property Management is fast paced and always changing.

Having worked in various Real Estate and legal roles throughout her career, Tammie has settled in well with the team at Chandler & Co and has proved herself as a hard worker who is systems orientated but best of all, her great communication with clients comes as second nature which is fantastic for Landlords and Tenants alike who just want to be kept in the loop with what is happening with their property.

Competitive, focused and very driven, Tammie is keen to help Sharyn and Hayley take the Property Management Department to the next level – And we certainly believe she can do that.

Also, just as a side note – Make sure not to find yourself on a squash court with her – Her competitive nature only gets stronger when she gets a racquet in her hand!

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